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This single photo is SLP Corner It’s All About the Graphic Organizer.
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by Ryan Knoblauch, MA, CCC-SLP When I was a boy, we didn't have graphic organizers. All we had was paper, pencils, and 20 minutes to write on a topic of the teacher's choosing. Okay, it wasn't quite like that. Actually, it was quite boring, tedious, and uneventful. So much so that I forget how I was taught to write paragraphs. Maybe it comes more naturally to students that don't have speech and language difficulties. Maybe not. I noticed as I got older that the standardized tests wanted to see pre-planning strategies to my written responses. Strategies? Hmm. I scribbled down some notes and wrote a rough draft in pencil. Then, I pretty much copied my rough draft to the final draft using a pen. Truly, it wasn't much pre-planning other than re-reading my work and checking for errors. Fast … Continue reading →

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